​​​​​​FOX FOUR TV Auditions

### ENTERTAINMENT and FOX NETWORK would like to extend an invitation to BLAD artists to participate in our new series, 'The Four'. This show elevates the genre with a brand new format where hand-picked, star-quality vocal talent (16+) from all genres get an opportunity to perform on a national platform. We do not have open call process or learning process on this show. Vocalists MUST have the talent and ability to compete on the big stage from day one. We are currently on a nationwide search for those star-quality singers. I believe there is a real opportunity here for not only fresh talent, but also newly established and emerging talent who don't quite have the visibility within the industry yet. 

Videos are needed ASAP!   Deadline Sept. 27, 2017 6:00PM

Registration Starts: Sept. 23, 2017  12:00 Noon

All recording artist must complete 4 song only 60 seconds each of raw footage video.

All artist must look presentable keep it real. no fancy outfits. just you on a day to day basis.

No music video scenes, Just you the recording artist singing your favorite song.. 


These need to be your powerhouse, blow the roof off the top of the building, songs! 
Make sure you connect to the song. We want to see you have fun with it or connect to it in some way.  Don't just sing a song that sounds good, but means nothing... it will show in your performance.  
ONLY SEND SONGS YOU ARE 100% HAPPY WITH AND PROUD OF! You should sound and look like the superstar you know you are. 
All videos should be shot in landscape (HORIZONTALLY, not vertical). 
Don't feel that these have to be professionally shot on a camera and edited. The best auditions have been shot on a smartphone. 
Tracks should be played from a separate device, otherwise the track will overpower your voice.
Your audio MUST be raw. (We don't even want to see a microphone.)
 Singers should stand in front of a blank wall, that is well lit.- Videos need to be shot in front of a distraction free background. 
For audio purposes: Avoid bathrooms / stairwells / parking garages etc. Any place that will give an "echo" effect.

Artists/Songs to Avoid:

Sia, Adele, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys,

Skyscrape, Stone Cold, RiseUp, Issues, House Of The Rising Sun, Somewhere
Over the Rainbow, I Will Survive, Tennessee Whiskey
& Hallelujah

Failure to abide will automatically disqualify.

Send us .mov files, YouTube links and/or Dropbox
Label the title or the song on each video.  
Let's show them what you've got, this is going to be seen by the big executives, so let's make sure that your videos look and sound perfect! Put your best voice forward!  Email me links to your videos so i can give any redirection if needs be.


                                  Copyright ©​                        BLAD Talent Agency Nonprofit Org. for Youth.


Registration Information: All participants that register for FOX FOUR TV Network Show will receive all rules & regulations thus sound performance request forms in their registration packet.  Ages 16 to 35

( college students) encourage to apply! All registration fees are non-refundable. Only serious talent wanting to showcase need to apply!



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6:30 PM TIL 11:00 PM

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Come unwind, meet & greet,  seek new opportunities, listen to awesome music,  good food , fantastic companies to network your business.

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